A song for the Earth: Le Verdi Note and The Swingles together in TRUST

The single Trust, a meaningful musical collaboration between the renowned English vocal group The Swingles, winners of 5 Grammy® Awards, and the renowned Italian youth choir Le Verdi Note dell’Antoniano has been released.

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The song, performed in both Italian and English, is a universal message of hope and unity for the protection of the planet. An international production where the English vocal group come together with the Italian guys of Antoniano and Zecchino d’Oro to give voice to the concerns of Mother Earth, a theme that is particularly relevant for the younger generations, and that requires the “choral” contribution of the humanity.

Trust di Le Verdi Note feat. The Swingles
Trust di Le Verdi Note feat. The Swingles

The international collaboration is produced by Antoniano, a cherished cultural institution deeply ingrained in Italian popular culture and national identity. Antoniano, a non-profit organization, is renowned for the iconic children’s music contest Zecchino d’Oro, established in 1959, and for its musical creations and productions for children, young adults and families, engaging over 2 billion views and 2 million subscribers on YouTube. 

The music video of the song, shot at the prestigious Arena del Sole theater in Bologna, Italy, and available on YouTube and digital platforms, is directed by Fabiola Ricci and produced by Francesco Armellin and Jamie Wright.

Trust by Le Verdi Note dell’Antoniano ft. The Swingles

The single will be launched on RAI 1, Italy’s premier public service broadcasting channel, with a theatrical performance in the beloved program “Lo Zecchino di Natale“, hosted by Cristina D’Avena and Paolo Belli, airing on Christmas morning.

Trust is written and composed by Alessio Zini and Sara Casali, former students of Mariele Ventre, renowned founder of Antoniano’s choirs, and currently artistic directors of Le Verdi Note. The instrumental arrangement is curated by Riccardo Nanni, among the authors and arrangers of the soundtrack for the Oscar-winning movie “La grande bellezza” by Paolo Sorrentino. The vocal arrangements are by the director and conductor of Le Verdi Note Fabiola Ricci and Jon Smith for The Swingles. 

Trivia: The Swingles soprano Federica Basile, now an adopted Londoner and the only Italian member in the group’s history, was the young interpreter of “Maddalena la Balena” a song in competition during the 35th Zecchino d’Oro, 1992.

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by Le Verdi Note dell’Antoniano feat. The Swingles
Written and composed by Alessio Zini and Sara Casali
Publisher: Antoniano 

Directed by Fabiola Ricci 
Production directed by Francesco Armellin 
Photography directed by Alessandro Bidinelli 
Video footage shot by Valerio Barbati
Stage assistance by Simone Tartari 
Props and costumes by Maria Raffaella Stefan
The Swingles videography by Jamie Wright 
Videoclip edited by Luca Rubertà 

Le Verdi Note shooting located in Arena del Sole Theatre, Bologna, Italy, under the permission of the theatre artistic director Roberto Carletti 

Instrumental arrangement by Riccardo Nanni 
Le Verdi Note vocal parts arranged by Fabiola Ricci 
The Swingles vocal parts arranged by Jon Smith 
Le Verdi Note audio edited by Alessandro Renzetti 
The Swingles audio edited by Nicholas Girard 
Song mixed and mastered by Riccardo Nanni and Daniele Bagnoli 

Le Verdi Note dell’Antoniano: Elena Azzolini, Simone Bacchilega, Armando William Botticella, Ottavio Cannizzaro, Costanza Carrà, Sara Casali, Giacomo Censoni, Maria Vittoria Costanzucci Paolino, Patrizia De Sandre, Michelle Dieni, Alessandro Federici, Concetta Fierro, Marta Foschi, Margherita Garagnani, Chiara Massarenti, Chiara Massarenti, Elena Nastuzzi, Miriana Natali, Noemi Nicola, Claudia Pace, Matteo Penzo, Alessandra Saracino, Giulia Scarpante, Maria Raffaella Stefani, Edoardo Tamba, Lorenzo Tonelli, Agnese Maria Vitucci, Alessio Zini. 

Le Verdi Note artistic director: Sara Casali and Alessio Zini 
Le Verdi Note director and conductor: Fabiola Ricci 

The Swingles: Mallika Bhagwat, Imogen Parry, Joanna Goldsmith-Eteson, Oliver Griffiths, Jon Smith, Jamie Wright, Tom Hartley. Featuring: Federica Basile 

With the extraordinary participation of Fabiola Ricci as Mother Earth and Blasco Scarpante, The Dog, as himself. A special thank to his mommy Giulia Scarpante for making his participation possible with respect, care and love. 

TRUST was produced at the Antoniano recording studios in Bologna, Italy, with the executive production of Fabrizio Palaferri and the artistic direction and production of Sara Casali and Alessio Zini