#StayHome: “Le Verdi Note dell’Antoniano” among over 70 artists from all over the world with “Here we are”, universal prayers for humanity

Interpreted in 20 languages by more than 70 artists from 21 countries, “Here we are” is the song that the group which was formed for the  occasion “Friends around the World”, wanted to create at a distance, bringing to the work the cultural, musical and vocal characteristics of the artists involved.

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A prayer to God written by Mark Conner (USA) and produced and arranged by Juan R. Salazar L. (Chile) in a historical moment in which human beings all over the world, driven by the global pandemic generated by the COVID-19 virus, feel the need to continue to be close, though at a distance and divided by the walls of their homes. Music, as we know, is a powerful means of sharing, able to overcome physical and cultural barriers: “Here we are” wants to be proof, faith, union, strength and, above all, hope.

Le Verdi Note, the youngsters’ choir of Antoniano di Bologna, participated in the making of the piece representing Italy, with the choral direction of Fabiola Ricci, the artistic direction of Sara Casali and Alessio Zini and the organization of Angela Senatore.

The text has been translated into various languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Swahili and many others, as well as the International Sign Language (ISL).  Each artist performed the assigned part in his or her own language and recorded the audio and video material in their homes. Editing and mixing was also later done remotely.

 A special mention to Juan R., producer and global organizer of the initiative. He worked literally day and night because of the different time zones. The passion, love and desire to create and share this piece certainly did not stop him.

“Here we are” is currently available on Youtube at the following link and on “Le Verdi Note” by Antoniano official channel.


“Here we are”
by “Friends Around the World
Lyrics & Music: Mark Conner 
Produced & Arranged by Juan R. Salazar L. 

Used by permission.

Friends Around the World”, in order of appearance: Jim Teel (USA), Coco Yanan Hu (USA), Luiza Spiridon (România), Fernando Santos (Brasil), Fernando Menezes (Brasil), Denis Versiani (Brasil), Robson Rocha (Brasil), Jader Santos (Brasil), Russell Hospedales (USA), Tania Zotoiu (Italia), Annett Morgan (Deutschland), Selah (Kenya), Sara Pinto da Silva (Portugal), Carolina Ciangherotti (Chile), Bárbara Lepe (Chile), Michelle Fica (Chile), Carla Fonseca (Chile), Javiera Venegas (Chile), Josefa Sanhueza (Chile), Silvana Silva (Chile), Nelma Tormes (Chile), Daniel Olivares (Chile), Samuel Achivare (Chile), Jesse Obreque (Chile), Jonatan Curín (Chile), Jan André Salazar (Chile), Duane Hamilton (USA), Juliana Salazar (Chile), Suellen Magalhães (Brasil), Christopher Cubillos (Chile), Paulo Scazzusso (Brasil), Aziz Allel (Chile), Michelle Gibson (Australia), Selena Gibson (Australia), John Gibson (Australia), Francisco Sagredo (Chile), Félix Rodríguez (Chile), Gerson Villalón (Chile), Juan Salazar (Chile), Sergio Leiva (Chile), Mina Shoji (Nippon), Emilse Impoco (Argentina), Jazmín Córdoba (Argentina), Brisa Córdoba (Argentina), Ámbar Córdoba (Argentina), Pablo Córdoba (Argentina), Yulia Sherbakov (Israel), Frances Mae (Philippines), Nikita Isakov (Ukraine), Juliana Baioni (USA), Hannah Chang (South Korea), Alexandra McBride (USA), Kaitlyn Mamora (USA), Andrew Leon (USA), Anthony Leon (USA), Loyda Leon (Colombia), Robinson Massey (India), Andrés Maldonado (Chile), Susana Jenson-Leiva (Chile), Julian Jenson (USA), Julissa Ramírez (México), Barbara Bolivar (USA), María José Poblete (Chile), Betty Kamawu (Tanzania), Kaumba Kamawu (Zambia), Brian Gache (Kenya), Alex Olang (Kenya), Virgil Musvosvi (Zimbabwe), Jeff Getenga (Kenya), Le Verdi Note dell’Antoniano (Italia), Amelie Friedrich (Deutschland), Nikola Pardubicki (Polska), Frank Morgan (Chile), Claire Calixte (Haiti), Gardyn Mercier (Haiti), Josnel Antenor (Haiti).

Special thanks to: Mark Conner (Australia), Angela Senatore (Italia), Sara Casali (Italia), Jonatan Conceição (Brasil – Kenya), Gerardo Farías (Chile – Israel), Richard Medina (Perú – Israel).

For “Le Verdi Note dell’Antoniano”: 
Choral direction: 
Fabiola Ricci 
Artistic direction: 
Sara Casali, Alessio Zini 
Video Production: 
Simone Tartari 
Audio production: 
Alessio Zini 
Angela Senatore

Countries: USA, Italia, Haiti, Chile, Polonia, Germania, Kenya, Zimbawe, Zambia, Tanzania, Messico, India, Colombia, South Corea, Ucraina, Filippine, Israele, Argentina, Giappone, Australia, Brasile.